Hospital Admission

What if hospital care is needed?

Diabeter treats children from all over the country. Having to commit a child to hospital is something that rarely occurs with us. This has to do with the extensive instructions and information we provide about diabetes and with the 24/7 availability of our medical specialists. Admission to hospital at the time of diagnose of the disease is only needed in the case of threatening dehydration or acidification (which happens in ten percent of new established diabetes). Committing patients to hospital prior to starting pump/sensor is uncalled for and often have an adverse effect because life in hospital is quite different from living at home.

The hospitalization percentage at Diabetes is low (three percent) and is significantly lower than the national average. If hospitalization is necessary, we deal with this through a normal referral. Acute cases such as a severe hypoglykemia or a threatening diabetic keroacidose are common medical diagnoses that can be treated in every hospital in the world by a paediatrician or a doctor of internal medicine.

For our office in Rotterdam we have special arrangements with the Erasmus MC/ Sophia Childrens’ Hospital in Rotterdam and the IJsselland Hospital in Capelle a/d IJssel. These hospital are extra well-adjusted to giving diabetes care and have been trained by us. For our office Diabeter-Oost we work with the Gelre Hospital in Apeldoorn and Zutphen. Diabeter-Zuid works in close collaboration with the medical specialists in the nearby Máxima Medisch Centrum in Veldhoven.