How do patients experience the care Diabeter offers? We asked a number of them and made short videos of their stories.

Annemieke, mother of Kemi (5)

"I feel understood here"

Liviu (18)

"They all know me by name"

Cindy, mother of Sten (15)

"There is a doctor available 24/7"

Sten (15)

"You feel at home at Diabeter"

Pepijn (8)

"And then we found Diabeter"

More reviews:

"You laid the foundation"

‘Our son was twelve years old when he was diagnozed with type 1 diabetes. About a year after the diagnose he went under treatment at Diabeter, first in Diabeter Oost and after we moved in Diabeter Zuid in Veldhoven.

Last year he went on a ski-vacation with the diabetes sports camp of the Bas van der Goor Foundation, very exciting for us all. Quite a happening, but diabetes nurse Anja, whom we knew from Diabeter, was present. A good feeling. Our son came back with lots of stories which often left us slack jawed. His buddies appeared to have had both hypo’s and hypers, basic levels that had to be adjusted and HbA1c levels of 12 or 13. This also happened to our son in his first year of diabetes, but thus changed when he came under the care of your team.

Doctor Winterdijk has a good listening ear and knew how to get through to our son very quickly. He even managed to get him to use the pump. The pump he never wanted before! Since we turned to Diabeter, going there has become a good day out: the atmosphere is friendly, there is time for a joke and most of all the care is superb. We think it’s fantastic that he is doing so well. We are proud of him, of ourselves, but most of all of Diabeter. Here the foundation was laid for the very best care and the past week we have become aware of this all over again.

It’s a year now since we moved to Brabant and we have since settled in nicely. At Diabeter Zuid the care is super, but we are still impressed about the care we first received in Deventer and we will never forget that. Thank you very much Diabeter team, for what you mean to us and what you have done for us.’

‘You immediately see how you are doing’

They have been around for a while now but I still feel the need to tell you how glad we are with the color-coded overviews of the uploads from the blood sugar meter. It tells you at a glance how you are doing. Today I showed such an overview to my teacher in school with a little background information and this showed him in no time how erratic diabetes can be and how this influences daily functioning both bodily and mentally (and therefore school results). Something I was never able to put across to him before. Thanks again.’

‘Half a word is enough’

It was a deliberate decision on my part to take the step towards Diabeter and so far I haven’t regretted it once. Everybody knows me personally and needs but half a word to understand what I’m sometimes up against or what situation I’m in. High fives to this team. I wouldn’t want to be treated anywhere else.’


(after a Diabeter information evening: ‘During the evening we realized all over again how lucky we are to live so close to the centre and how proud we are of “our” diabetes team doing so much for us. Not only noticeably in guiding our daughter and us, but also on a much larger scale. We hope that this combination of care for the individual and care for the bigger picture is something we can keep on enjoying for a long time to come. Many compliments for how you work.’

‘Living with instead of for diabetes’

‘I have noticed that your team has a different view on things than what we are used to. In our converstaions with Ingrid and with dr Veeze much has become clear to us. We still have a lot to learn… But I do know that in the end Jack will regain much freedom. Together with your support and advice we will be able to live with diabetes instead of for diabetes, which we have done for so long now.’