Covered care

Covered care

Diabetes gives medical care that is completely covered by Dutch health insurance companies. Diabeter has the structure and the board comparable to a hospital and is not a commercial private clinic.

Diabetes has contracts with all health insurance companies

For 2022 we have contracts with all major and all smaller health insurance companies for giving diabetes care. The prizes can be found here. We send the bill for your care directly to your health insurance company, you don’t get a bill in your letterbox.

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Which insurance

Each year in November the health insurance companies decide their prizes and the content of their insurance policies. Take good note of the pro’s and con’s for yourself and your family. More information can be found on the website of the NPCF . Diabetesvereniging Nederland has done much research on diabetes and health insurance, the result of which can be found on Besides this, DVN has chosen three health care insurers for strategic collaboration.

Personal risk

For the basic health insurance there is a mandatory personal risk everybody has to pay before they can make use of their health insurance. For now this amount is € 385,- per year.

Cancellation/no show

If you do not cancel your appointment in time (24 hours beforehand) or don’t show up for your appointment we will charge you costs. The amount the Dutch ministry of health set for this is € 45,- per appointment. Your health insurance company will not pay this back to you.