diabetes every day

Diabetes is something you have 24 hours a day. Still, you spend the best part of your time without the assistance of a doctor or a nurse at your side. This is why we feel it is so important that you know so much about the disease yourself. Of course with the possibility to consult your doctor 24/7 when this is necessary.

Especially in the first months after the diagnosis it is important for you to invest in your knowledge about type 1 diabetes. The counselling you get in the first period is decisive to your health in the ten to fifteen years that follow! Quite a lot comes your way. You have to learn about carbo-hydrates, about the influence of exercise or stress on the disease, about hypo’s and hypers, about places to inject insulin and about a lot more. We help you (or your parents) to gain this knowledge, because at Diabeter we know how important this investment is for learning how to regulate your diabetes.

We will be in contact during the consultation at one of our offices and during various moments in your daily life, by email or phone. You can read all about it here.