diabetes every day


Diabetes (popularly known as diabetes) is something you have 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Yet you spend most of that time with diabetes without a doctor or nurse by your side. That's why we think it's important that you learn a lot about your disease yourself, but that you also have someone to turn to 24/7 if you need to.

We help you

Especially in the first months after diagnosis, it is important that you invest in gaining knowledge about your type 1 diabetes. Guidance in the first year after your type 1 diabetes diagnosis is decisive for your health in the ten to fifteen years thereafter. 

There's a lot coming at you. You need to know about counting carbohydrates, measuring blood glucose, injecting insulin, about the influence of exercise or stress on your diabetes, about hypo's and hypers and much more. We help you (or you as a parent) with this, because at Diabeter we know how important this investment is for learning to regulate your diabetes (or diabetes). In addition to appointments with our diabetes specialist medical specialists and diabetes nurses, you will receive guidance from one of our dieticians and, if you wish, you can also count on support from a psychologist specialising in type 1 diabetes. You can also contact your medical team via our daily telephone consultation and via email. Our experience is that the frequent contact you have with our diabetes team as the parent of a child with type 1 diabetes contributes to the best possible diabetes regulation. We are here for you!

Always available

Do you need urgent medical advice about your diabetes regulation? If so, as a Diabeter patient you can rely on Diabeter's medical emergency line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will then get a healthcare professional specialised in diabetes on the line immediately, without the intervention of others. Calling in good time prevents irregularities and hospital admissions! PLEASE NOTE: we can and may only give medical advice to those with whom we have a treatment relationship, i.e. only to Diabeter patients.

Diabetes and school

We believe that a child with type 1 diabetes should have a normal school day. With understanding and some knowledge of type 1 diabetes from the child's teacher, this is just achievable. That's why we organize information meetings for teachers several times a year. We tell them what impact having type 1 diabetes in a child can have on behavior or learning performance, and transfer basic knowledge about hypo's and hypers. We are also co-initiators of the educational website of the Foundation Carefree with diabetes to school. More information about diabetes and school can be found here.