Diabetes diagnosis

Diabetes never goes away, it is a permanent and lasting condition. After the diagnose you are confronted with a lot of new things: glucose measurement, devices, the pen, your first insulin. The knowledge about what it is that’s happening to your body and what you have to do to stay healthy comes gradually. What is most important in the first instance, is taking the time to get a grasp on all the information that is given to you and learning how to handle it.

Our goal is to teach our patients (or their parents) how to regulate their diabetes in such a way that life can take its most natural and healthy cause. In the past, children and young adults were committed to hospital for a couple of weeks right after the diagnoses, to be “regulated”. That is in the past now. At Diabeter, the support of the diabetes team at the start is very intense and you often come to one of our offices. But we help you in a very focussed way to turn back to your normal daily life as soon as possible.

Good guidance in the first period is enormously important. Research has pointed out that it determines how the next ten to fifteen years will be. Patients who have been under treatment of Diabeter directly after the diagnoses, distinguish themselves in a positive way from those who have come under our treatment at a later stage. They have a better HbA1c level. Still, even with patients who start their treatment with us later, we manage to get this level down. What helps, is that we work with a team that is specialized in the treatment of type I diabetes, and that we work with the newest technologies.