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What we have to offer

Diabeter offers special care for both children and adults with (in most cases) type 1 diabetes. It strives for a future without complications from diabetes. 

Direct referral after the diagnose

As a regional centre Diabeter now works in four regions: Rotterdam. Deventer, Eindhoven and Groningen. Patients are referred to us directly from the general practitioner or the regional hospital. General practitioners refer new patients directly to Diabeter more and more if they suspect diabetes or if this has just been diagnosed. 

Second opinion

Besides our regional function Diabeter also has a national (third-line) top reference function. As a professional, you can refer patients with diabetes to Diabeter for a second opinion, after consultation with one of our specialists. We will then decide upon the course of action and try to help accordingly. You will remain the primairy practitioner for this patient.

Diabeter can serve as a specialized treatment centre for:

  • Giving concrete treatment advice to complex patients, mostly on the point of technique.
  • Starting insulin pump therapy.
  • The care for children and young adults with special types of or secondary diabetes for instance related to oncological treatment or cystic fibrosis.
  • Guiding patients with severe psychosocial problems, problems with accepting the disease, depression, fear of hypoglycaemia, fear of injections.

Taking over care with secondary patients

Diabeter can take over the care of patients with type 1 diabetes completely. After having been referred by the general practitioner or a medical specialist, the patient will report to us by phone or through our website. For an appointment, we need the medical dossier of a patient. As a rule we have no waiting list and we are able to see secondary patients for a first appointment within two weeks. After consultation we will set the goals for treatment with the patient and his parents and talk about how we are going to reach these goals. The treatment starts directly after this.

European ‘Centre of Reference’

Diabeter is involved in the further development of a European network of “Centres of Reference” for the treatment of children and young adults with type I diabetes. This is a part of the EU-SWEET program. After consultation in 2011 Diabeter received the certificate.  Centres of reference offer top diabetes care, including scientific research and schooling.