Since April 2015 Diabeter is a partner of Medtronic, the global, innovative developer of high-end technological medical solutions for people with diabetes. Diabeter was founded in 2006 by Henk-Jan Aanstoot and Henk Veeze, both of them paediatricians. They had a clear view of what they wanted to accomplish: the care for children and young adults with type I diabetes can and will improve. This comes back in Diabeter’s mission statement: towards a future without diabetes complications. Complete focus on diabetes care for children and young adults is absolutely necessary to reach this goal.

The need for this focus on type I diabetes proved to be big: Diabeter has grown substantially.  At the start, Aanstoot and Veeze hoped to take 400 children and young adults into treatment. It’s already close to 3.300 now, divided over the five offices in Rotterdam, Deventer, Eindhoven and Groningen.Where Diabeter started as a type 1 diabetes treatment center for children and young adults, Diabeter is now a treatment center for all ages. 


Since 1 January 2022 the founders of Diabeter, pediatricians Dr. Henk Veeze en Dr. Henk-Jan Aanstoot, are no longer part of the Board of Diabeter. Day to day  management is now in the hands of Peter van Delft, general director. The Board and Supervisory Board are enhanced by representatives of Medtronic since the acquisition of Diabeter by Medtronic in 2015.

Board members:

  • Maarten Akkerman, PharmD

Supervisory board:

  • Piet Batenburg, chairman
  • Hanneke Lammers, member
  • Remco Velasquez, member

Clients’ board

The clients’ board consists of patients and parents of patients who are under care at Diabeter. Read more here.


Since April 2 2015 Diabeter is a part of the global company Medtronic. This acquistion is important to our patients because it can advance our work tremendously. Together, we can bring the client friendly concept of Diabeter to a higher level, and bring it to more patients in more countries. This way, we ensure that more people with diabetes get better access to care and can enjoy better health. This collaboration means we can make new technologies available to our patients much quicker. Besides this, Medtronic can also play a role in further advancing our IT and communications systems. This means we can broaden our possibilities for remote control for our patients, thus making the care more patient friendly.

Diabeter will remain the independent care provider for children and young adults with type I diabetes it has been since the start in 2006. The Diabeter treatment team remains free in its clinical decision-making and the choice of therapies and brand of diabetes products, in full co-operation with the (parents of) the patient.

Diabeter attaches great value to diabetes research to continuously make the care for our patients better. In this, all rules about protecting medical data of our patients and all rules of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) apply. Diabeter guarantees that all individual patient data, all data of medical reviews and or research shall remain within our own medical surroundings. Metronic is allowed no admission to these data.

Social annual report

Our social annual reports go into detail about our company and the way we work. You can download them here. (Dutch)

Acquisition by Medtronic, statement

On April 2 Medtronic announced the acquisition of Diabeter. By working together, both parties are able to bring Diabeter’s patient friendly concept to a higher level and to make it available to more patients in more countries. This way, more people with diabetes get better access to care and can enjoy a healthy life. Here you can read the news release   Medtronic acquires Diabeter news release.pdf (93.6 KB) and the statement of Diabeter (Dutch): statement mei 2015.pdf (191,8 KB)

General terms and conditions

You can read our general terms and conditions here.