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We can’t overstress the importance of good guidance in the first period after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Doing so, ensures better management and more responsive treatment for the condition. Remember, diabetes can’t be cured, but diabetes treatment and management can assist in keeping the blood glucose levels in check and as normal as possible.

We can help young ones recover and teach them how to better manage their conditions, to prevent health problems from developing later.

Diabetes, right after the diagnosis

Diabetes never stops, it is something you have 24 hours of the day. Right after the diagnose, a lot of new information comes your way: measuring your glucose, information, techniques, pen, first insulin. Gradually, you learn what happens to your body and what it takes to remain healthy. Therefore, it is very important in this first phase to take the time to understand all the information that is given to you and to learn to deal with it.

It is our goal to teach our patients (or their parents) to regulate their diabetes in such a way that life can take its natural and healthy course as much as possible. In the past, children and young adults with diabetes were hospitalized to be “adjusted”. This belongs to the past now. At Diabeter, the guidance by the diabetes team sure is intense at the start and you come to one of our offices quite often. But we help you in a very focussed way to turn back to your normal everyday life as soon as possible. We want to help you in reaching the point where your diabetes follows your way of life instead of the other way around. “Adjusting” you to a set dose and method is not the way to reach this goal.

Good guidance is extremely important in the first period. Research has shown that the first year of treatment is deciding for the next ten to fifteen years. This means it is useful to get a good treatment right from the start. At Diabeter, we know we can make this difference. We are able to do this because we work with a team of specialists dedicated to type I diabetes that works closely together and because we use the latest technology.

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