Complaints commission

As is legally established, Diabeter has an independent complaints commission. Discuss your complaint first with the team member of Diabetes who you view as responsible for what happened. Should you not be satisfied with the outcome, then you discuss your complaint with our complaints officer. 

Complaints officer

Diabeter has a complaints officer, as is legally determined  in Dutch law ' Wkkgz 2016'. As per 1 January 2017 the complaints committee is abolished. Our complaints officer is Wietske Wits. You can discuss your complaint, remark or problem with her. Often a good conversation between patient / parents and care giver can resolve the situation. The complaints officer can facilitate such a conversation. 

Is such a conversation not a satisfying solution for you? Then you can turn to an independent arbitration committee. This committee will give a ruling which is binding for both parties. The arbitration committee can also impose a compensation to be paid. Diabeter is a member of  de Geschillencommissie Zorg Algemeen. If this still not to your satisfaction, you can go to court. 

Do you have questions?  You can reach Wietske Wits on tel: 06-48410763 / 088-2807277 or .

General information about your care complaint can be found on the website of the Dutch Ministry of Health: : . 

Complaints and suggestions: valuable help

Of course we hope that no complaints are necessary. Should a complaint arise however, we will do our utmost to make our work at Diabeter better.