Type 1 diabetes care in Holland

Moving to Holland?

Are you thinking about moving to The Netherlands because of a job opportunity or study and do you have type 1 diabetes? With this information we aim to to be of assistance to you in your search for information about the Dutch health care system and for type 1 diabetes care in particular. Being one of the largest specialised type 1 diabetes centers in Europe, we treat a substantial number of expats and foreign students with type 1 diabetes. We treat all ages. 

Dutch health care insurance system

Working in Holland?

Every one working in The Netherlands, is obligated to have a Dutch health care insurance. Type 1 diabetes care, including diabetes materials and insulin, is covered by this health care insurance. The mandatory basic health insurance costs about €120,- a month. There are ten different Dutch insurance companies who offer this health care insurance. We have contracts with all of them. You will not get an invoice from us, our costs will be directly paid by your insurance companies to us. 

Here you will find a useful page about the Dutch health care system in general: Independer.nl

There is a so called 'own risk' of EUR 385 (2024) each year. This is the amount of money you have to pay yourself before the insurance company covers your medical costs. There are some differences in the obligated own risk, depending on your insurance. You can read more about the own risk here

Studying in Holland?

If you are a student and you will not be working in Holland and will not do a paid internship, there are other regulations. It depends on the country you come from: if you come from the EU / EEA / Switzerland, you can use your home country's health care insurance with an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). On this website you can find all necessary details about the European Health Insurance Card, validity and how to apply for one. Prior to treatment with us, we request you to contact your health insurer about reimbursement. Often you have to pay us yourself in advance to get reimbursed by your health insurer later. Beware of the costs therefore. 

For the United Kingdom, there are separate regulations after Brexit. There is a new Health Card for the UK,  here you will find all information: GHIC.  

If you come from outside the EU / EEA or Switzerland and you will not have a paid job during your stay in Holland, you will need a private health care insurance. Check all information for foreign students on Zorgwijzer.nl.

Insulin pump and glucose monitoring system

If you already have a insulin pump and maybe also a continuous or flash glucose monitoring system, we can advise you further about coverage by the health care insurance of these devices in Holland. Read more about the coverage of glucose sensors and insulin pumps here.

Diabeter and health care insurances

Diabeter has contracts with all Dutch health care insurance companies. Read more about it here

Visits to our diabetes clinic

We have four type 1 diabetes centers in Holland: in RotterdamEindhovenGroningen and Deventer. For Amsterdam, we suggest you take a look at Diabeter Centrum Amsterdam. This type 1 diabetes clinic is a collaboration between Diabeter and Amsterdam UMC. 
We see all our patients a minimum of 3 times a year, and these visits are directly covered by the basic health care insurance. So are the insulin and glucosemeter strips in a certain amount. The easiest way is to get them automatically through our Diabstore, but you can also choose a pharmacy in your new neighbourhood. On top of the visits to our clinic you can count on 24/7 diabetes care through our E-health, emergency line and feedback on the uploads of your glucose levels. You can read more about it here

Referral letter & finding a GP

If you decide to choose Diabeter as your type 1 diabetes centre in Holland, the next step is to get a referral letter from your current medical centre or your Dutch general practioner (GP). Without a referral letter we are not allowed to start treatment. 

Don’t you have a general practitioner in Holland yet? Our advice is to find one as soon as possible. The general practitioner also can give you a prescription for insulin in case you do not have found a diabetes centre such as Diabeter yet. A general practionioner in The Netherlands can be found using this website for example: Finding and registering with a GP.

 Everything you need to know

Our colleagues Katja Zuur and Grada Weggeman will be glad to be of assistance to you. They can inform you about our possibilities in type 1 diabetes care and other questions you might have about organising your type 1 diabetes care in Holland.

Contact Katja and Grada