Sharing your glucose data


You can easily view the data from your insulin pump, glucose sensor, or AID (Automated Insulin Delivery) system through the software provided by the manufacturer of your pump, sensor, or AID.

When the correct data is linked to your file at Diabeter, your care team can provide optimal guidance. Moreover, your data will also automatically be transferred to the Diabeter app. This app offers a convenient color overview of your blood glucose levels for the past two weeks (the heatmap). By sharing your data, we can better advise you based on patterns or trends in your glucose levels and tailor your treatment more effectively to your personal situation.

Below, we provide more information on how to share your data with your care team at Diabeter for each system.

Libre View

Libre View is a program by Abbott, the provider of the FreeStyle Libre sensor. With Libre View, you can view and share your glucose data from your Libre digitally with your care team.
Instructions on how to use Libre View can be found on the FreeStyle Libre website: Libre View

There are two ways to share your data with your care team:
1. In your own Libre View account, you can enter the practice ID number under 'share data.' This number is Diabeter’s number, which you will receive from your care team.
2. Your care team can invite you via a link from the Diabeter account in LibreView. You will receive the invitation by email from us. Follow the steps in the email.


Glooko is a platform where various devices (AID, pumps, and/or sensors) from companies like Omnipod, Dexcom, Tandem, and Ypsopump can be read. Click here for the full list on the Glooko website.

There are two ways to share your data with your care team:
1. On the Glooko website, while logged into your Glooko account: How can I ProConnect with my healthcare provider? – Glooko | Help Center
2. Via the Glooko app

You will need the ProConnect code from Diabeter, which you can obtain from your care team.

If you have any questions, send a message to Glooko's support department. You can contact them via email, phone, or an online form.


CareLink is Medtronic’s software for viewing and sharing your data with your care team.

When using CareLink, the data on measured glucose levels is further transferred to your file at Diabeter, allowing you to view your glucose values and settings from the past two weeks.
All information can be found here on the Medtronic website.

Why don’t I see my data in my file?

You might be using a different platform to share your data than the programs that can be linked with the Diabeter file. Examples include Clarity, YourLoops, Nightscout, and platforms for open-source systems.

Clarity is Dexcom’s platform. If you use Clarity, link it to Glooko to share the data with your care team and view your data in the Diabeter app. Here’s how to do that.

To share data with your care team, link your account in the CamAPS app to Glooko. Here’s how to do that.

Your care team will send you an invitation to establish the link. Contact your care team about this. Your data will then be viewable to your care team but not visible in your Diabeter file.

For other systems, we advise you to contact your care team. Your diabetes nurse is there to help you.