Client Advisory Board

Clients’ board

Diabeter is active for children and young adults with type 1 diabetes and their parents. It is important for us to know how they feel about the care we provide. It goes without saying then that having a clients’ board is much more to us than a legal obligation. The Diabeter clients’ board consists of patients and parents of patients who are under treatment at Diabeter. They have a say in the way we do things, most of all concerning our care policy and its quality. The clients’ board advices the board of directors solicited and unsolicited. It meets at least four times a year.

The clients’ board, in order to be able to offer the directors useful advice, is very much interested in what our patients think about Diabeter. This is why we have a questionnaire every year to find out how satisfied they are. The results offer us important information to make our work better. Someone who doesn’t want to wait until the next questionnaire comes along can leave feedback at clië

The clients’ board has representatives from all four of our offices. Currently the board exists of: click here


The clients’ board is very much interested in the opinion and/or suggestions our patients have to offer. This is why they organize a yearly questionnaire to be informed about the extent of their satisfaction, which gives a good view on how the care that Diabeter offers is viewed by them, what we can do better and which aspects are highly appreciated. But feedback from our clients is always welcome, you can send it to