Emergency line

An emergency can always arise and when it does, direct specialized help is needed. Diabeter can offer this through our 24 hour emergency line. Call this, and you are immediately put through to one of our medical specialists specialized in type I diabetes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The one you want to reach can be held at another line at the moment you call. If this happens, don’t leave behind a voicemail message, just call back a minute later.

Telephone 088-2807277, option 1.

This number is there specially for things that cannot wait. Doctors who treat diabetes patients in hospitals can also call this number is they want immediate consultation. For directly life-threatening situations there is always 112.

Be sure to have a number of things at hand if you call the emergency line:

  • If you have continuous high levels, the blood ketones, measure them before you call.
  • Consider if anything specific is the matter. Do you feel different than you usually do? Are you ill? Do you feel specific effects after for instance a hard to estimate dinner, a party, use of alcohol et cetera?
  • Measure your blood glucose before you call. And keep the levels of the past twelve hours at hand.
  • Make sure you have the information about the administered amounts of insulin at hand also, and the usual inject calendar and (with a pump) the recent day-totals.
  • If you’re not in an absolute hurry, upload the glucose meter/pump before you call.
  • Check when was the last time the insulin pump hose was changed.

These things enable the doctor to give you a good advice quickly.