Cost prize

Cost prize 2022

Invoice period of 120 days. 

Declaration code production code  total prize description 
15E809 991516055 € 2050,-- Pediatric diabetes care, with insulin pump, with glucosesensor
15E808 991516054 € 2950,-- Pediatric diabetes care, without insulin pump, with glucosesensor
15E810 991516056 € 1660,-- Pediatric diabetes care, with insulin pump without CGM
15E376 991516034 € 1800,-- Pediatric diabetes care, >6x visits, without insulin pump 
15E379 991516047 € 1500,-- Pediatric diabetes care, 3-6x visits, without insulin pump
15E381 991516053 € 1220,-- Pediatric diabetes care, 1-2x visits, without insulin pump
15E924 991516057 € 1500,-- Pediatric diabetes care, consultancy sensor (RT-CGM)
15A295 040201013 € 1030,-- Internist diabetes care 1-2x visits, without insulin pump, without CGM
15A293 040201010 € 1250,-- Internist diabetes care 3-4x visits, without insulin pump, without CGM
15A291 040201008 € 1550,-- Internist diabetes care, 4+ visits, without insulin pump. 
15A296 040201014 € 1620,-- Internist diabetes care 3-4 visits, with insulin pump, without CGM
15A297 040201016 € 1640,-- Internist diabetes care 1-2x visits, with insulin pump, without CGM
15A294 040201011 € 1700,-- Internist diabetes care 4+ visits, with insulin pump, without CGM
15E665 0400201021 € 3000,-- Internist diabetes care, with insulin pump, with CGM

The prizes of diabetes care are based on the special care that Diabeter provides and are subject to yearly negotiation with the health care insurers. As an independent caregiver Diabeter has a special position: care for children and young adults with a national function and therefore a third-line task such as fits an academic hospital. In the past this third-line task was performed by the Sophia Kinderziekenhuis. Diabeter chooses for special care aimed at a higher quality and good results. The better the results the better the diabetes prognosis for a child. By using a completely electronic file, Diabeter is able to give a complete overview of care results and quality at any moment.

The figures are based on an average cost prize per patient, including all costs such as special intensification treatments (instruction and guidance in using the insulin pump, diagnostic 72-hour glucose measurements) with or without day nurse-care, 24 hour availability (for patient and parents) of a medical specialist, continuous monitoring of results, quality of care, laboratory tests and the use of the latest forms of treatment. This includes the implementation of the use of the glucose sensor (provided this falls within the agreements with the health care insurer considering the cost-volume and use in accordance with the CVZ/NDF protocol).