Diabeter Controls

In the first period, when the diagnose type 1 has just become clear, the guidance you receive from Diabeter is very intense. You will often visit the diabetes team in one of our offices. The team will help you to manage your diabetes, so that you’ll be able to pick up your normal everyday life as soon as possible.

Once you’ve reached this point the number of appointments at Diabeter goes down to three or four per year. Control will become something we do mostly from a distance. You will upload your blood sugar levels to our team, specialized in type 1 diabetes. We will automatically save the values of your glucose meter and insulin pump every time you do an upload.

Within five minutes, we will respond to you with information about how your blood sugar levels have been doing over the past few weeks. This way you will learn yourself whether or not you are well regulated and how you can adjust to the situation if necessary. If you want advice from one of our team members about adjustment of your diabetes regulation, or if you have a specific question about the blood sugar levels, you can let us know at the moment you do an upload. Our medical team will get back to you by email the same day or the next day at the latest.