Controlling diabetes | Diabetes management of blood sugar - Diabeter


In the initial period, when the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes has just been made, the support you receive from Diabeter is very intensive. You will often visit the diabetes team at one of our locations. The team will help you learn to manage your diabetes properly, so that you can resume your normal life as soon as possible.

Once you are ready to do this, the number of appointments at Diabeter will decrease to 3 or 4 visits per year. Monitoring is then done much more remotely. You then pass on your blood sugar values to the treatment team that specializes in type 1 diabetes (also known as diabetes). The values from your glucose meter and insulin pump are automatically stored in our system every time you upload. Within five minutes you will get information back from us about how your blood sugar level was in the past weeks. In this way you also learn to check yourself how well you are adjusted, and how you can make adjustments. Would you like a diabetes doctor or a diabetes nurse to give you advice on adjusting or improving? Or do you have a special question about blood sugar values? If so, you can indicate that when you have done the upload.


Diabetes has been described as 'a lifetime of learning'. In the beginning a lot about the disease, insulin and measuring. But it is still necessary to learn more: about the influence of food, sports and stress, about how diabetes in adolescence can be managed (and how difficult that sometimes is...); during the outpatient visits there is always a subject that needs to be 're-educated'. We strongly believe that thorough continuing education is an important pillar for good regulation.

Whenever you switch to a new therapy, for example from insulin pen to insulin pump, there is another intensive process of learning and re-learning. At the end of such a trajectory, we have also introduced a form of assessment to be able to measure whether our education has gone over well, and the knowledge is good enough to start the new trajectory.