Diabetes and alcohol

Diabetes and alcohol do not go well together. The use of alcohol gives a higher risk of a hypo. This is caused by the fact that the liver has to work extra hard to get rid of the alcohol, which means it has no time left to deposit glucose from its stock. The combination of using alcohol and not taking (enough) food adds to this risk. Besides this, it is hard to distinguish between an intoxicated state and (the first signs of) a hypo.

Of course we understand that alcohol is a natural requirement in some situations. Diabetes or not, you want to go out and do the same things your friends do. If you happen to be in this situation, it is advisable never to drink alcohol without also eating enough food. Keep your insulin and your blood glucose meter at hand. And don’t drink too much: one or two glasses and preferably not more often than twice a week. If you spread these two glasses over one and a half or two hours, they will bother you the least. But you’d better keep away from drinks with large amounts of sugar like Breezers.