European Center of Reference

In 2008 the European Union started the European project SWEET. The goal: reaching better short term and long term results for children and young adults with diabetes through better secondary prevention, diagnose and regulation of their diabetes. The EU saw a fast increase of the number of children with diabetes and it also saw that too many children and young adults suffered a daily burden from this disease. In the long term (ten to fifteen years) this leads to severe and sometimes deadly complications.

SWEET appointed centres of reference that provide a constructive contribution to make the care for these patients structurally better. Diabeter is one of the first centres in Europe with this label and the only one in the Netherlands. A centre of reference delivers top quality diabetes care, sets an example in diabetes care and is closely involved in new developments and international research. It delivers a contribution to enhance diabetes care in its own country and in an international perspective.

Strict criteria have to be met in order to receive this label. A centre must really be able to prove that it works towards changing care and making it better, that it is actively involved in scientific research and in applying technological innovation. Diabeter meets all these criteria. With its focus on care for type I diabetes for children and young adults it is one of the biggest centres of its kind in the world. It is also involved in international research on treatment and curation of type I diabetes. Furthermore, it advises hospitals about type I diabetes care, like the Erasmus MC and Máxima Medisch Centrum. Diabeter has at its disposal a highly advanced IT-system with (since fifteen years) an electronic patient system and a quality control system. The way Diabeter is set up and works is unique in Europe and has drawn a lot of attention from other countries.

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