Diabeter Eindhoven

Diabeter Zuid (Eindhoven)
Tel: +31 88-280 72 77

E-mail: behandelteam-zuid@diabeter.nl
Fellenoord 330
5611 ZG  Eindhoven

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Diabeter Eindhoven

Welcome at our type 1 diabetes centre in Eindhoven

A team of specialized paediatricians, internist-endocrinologists, diabetes nurses and dieticians are here for you. 

Meet the team

We proudly introduce our team of Diabeter Eindhoven here. They are all experts in modern type 1 diabetes care. 

Getting to know Diabeter

Would you like to know more about the possibilities Diabeter Eindhoven can offer you or your child? We will be glad to inform you and answer your questions. Of course we understand that stepping over to a new health provider is not something you take on lightly. We are there for you. Just contact Katja Zuur or Grada Weggeman, our patient communication advisors, and explore the difference our type 1 diabetes care can make. No strings attached.

Contact Katja or Grada / ask a question

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