Upload from Bayer USB-meter


Want to upload your blood glucose values from your insulin pump directly and quickly to your diabetes practitioner? At Diabeter you can, after which you will receive feedback from us within minutes via a handy color overview: our Ther@piemail. You can also request advice from our diabetes nurses with one click of the mouse. They will respond within 1 working day by email or telephone. In this way, we can always think along with you about your diabetes regime, even outside of consultation hours. A unique and important aspect of our diabetes care, which contributes to (further) improving your HbA1c.
To be able to upload, you need special software from the manufacturer of your insulin pump or from Diasend. Below we have listed the programs for each brand of insulin pump that you can install on your computer.

FreeStyle Libre 

With your cell phone: FreeStyle Libre View

The software to upload the data from your Freestyle Libre to your file at Diabeter can be found here:

The software is available for free download at:


It is also possible to send the glucose values from the FreeStyle Libre to us via Diasend. Use the scanner (or reader) to read your glucose levels. You use the scanner at least three times a day, and upload the blood sugar values with a USB cable to your PC or laptop with the program Diasend. If you use the app, since January 2020 the upload data can no longer be imported into your personal Diabeter file and you will not receive an automatic Therapy Mail.

Ascensia Contour glucose meters

SEE ALSO: The Windows version of the software found above with the FreeStyle Libre is also compatible with all types of Ascensia Contour glucose meters, including those used in conjunction with the Medtronic insulin pump.

Connect the Contour Next One to your computer via a micro-usb cable. This cable is available free of charge at our locations or from Ascensia Customer Service. The cable is a standard cable, however, you will usually have one in your home.

If during the installation you are asked to place a shortcut on the desktop, confirm this. The program is now installed on your computer. From now on you can use this program to upload blood glucose data from your Contour glucose meter to Diabeter.  You can start it by clicking on the shortcut on your desktop.

Instructions for using the USB meter:

Uploading data from the Contour glucose meter is simple. In a nutshell, it boils down to:
1. Insert the Contour glucose meter into your PC
2. Start the program 'MyDiabeterDossier', your meter will now be read in
3) Follow the instructions *)
4. Press 'Send test results
5. After about 3 minutes you will receive an automatic report with a color overview of the blood glucose values of the last three weeks, with the last measured HbA1c.

Ascensia USB meter instruction upload *) You will be asked for the last 4 digits of your patient number, which is mentioned on your appointment card or in previous mails from Diabeter. In addition, we ask for the patient's date of birth, e.g. 31-03-2001. The patient number and date of birth are kept for a next time. 

If you check the 'tickbox' (check mark) and have a comment/question, we will actively look at the data and your treatment team will be notified of your upload. We will try to answer any questions you may have within 24 hours (Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm).

Diabstore will endeavor to provide as many strips as results are sent.


If more than one person in a family has type 1 diabetes (also known as diabetes), use only their own glucometer and check for the correct patient number and date of birth when sending. Each glucose meter has its own unique number (SN number on the back) which is used to check the link with the other data. Data is encrypted and sent directly to Diabeter without third party intervention. They contain no traceable personal data. Diabeter does its best to maintain this service properly but is not liable for continuous availability or imperfections in use. In case of problems, one falls back to the usual care until that moment. With what is on the USB meter you do not have to do anything else. In the event of a server failure at Diabeter, 'error code 79' will be displayed.  You can report the malfunction via info@diabeter.nl.

Questions about uploading glucose values:

Do you have questions about or problems uploading blood glucose values? You can send a message to our reception desk. One of our physician assistants will then contact you.

Medtronic Insulin Pumps

When using Carelink Personal, the data on measured glucose values are further transported to the Diabeter medical file, after which you will receive feedback from us from your file. With the update of the software in May 2016, it is now also possible to read in the data from the newest generation of insulin pumps from Medtronic, the 640G. So you will also receive a Therapy Mail with the color overview of your data after an upload from the 640G. For questions about Carelink Personal please contact the Medtronic helpdesk. 

Connecting Glucofix TECH to the Glucolog Lite app

You have received a starter pack of the Glucofix Tech glucose meter. The Glucofix Tech connects to the Glucolog Lite app. This app is free to download. Diabeter, in collaboration with Menarini, has made a connection between the Glucolog Lite app and the care record at Diabeter. You can read how to make the connection in this manual.  

This is a secure connection with which the measured glucose values are stored in the care file and the therapy email will be sent to your email address.

Accu-Chek Smart Pix from Roche

Smartpix Accu-Chek Roche InsightThe glucose values and pump settings of the Accu-Chek Aviva, the Accu-Chek Combo and the Accu-Chek Roche Insight can be easily sent to your dossier with us via Diasend. You will then automatically receive feedback from us on how your diabetes control is doing. 

For the Accu-Chek Roche Insight pump you need a special black Smartpix, which you can request from your Diabeter treatment team.

How does the Accu-Chek Roche Insight black smartpix work?


  1. Follow the procedure for registering and using Diasend as described below in the Diasend manual. 
  2. Connect the black smartpix 02 to your own PC and connect it to the Diabetes Manager of Roche Insight pump. Note! The pump should also be near the Diabetes Manager during upload. On the Diabetes Manager in the Main menu select Communication -> Connect to PC -> OK. 
  3. When both the SmartPix and your Diabetes Manager are connected to your PC, the data transfer takes place. The lamp on top of the SmartPix will then 'pulse'. On the Diabetes Manager, you will see -> in the process of connecting -> connected. 
  4. The Diabetes loader increases to 100% and indicates when the upload has succeeded. On the Diabetes Manager the following screen appears -> Data transfer completed. Only after both show that the upload was successful can the Diabetes Manager and the Smartpix be disconnected from your PC. 

Omnipod software

You can easily transfer the glucose values from your Omnipod insulin pump to us via Diasend. 


The glucose values from the Dexcom glucose sensor can be easily sent to us via Diasend. 


For the people with type 1 diabetes who are under treatment with us you will find here a short and clear instruction how to download and install Diasend on your computer:

Diasend manual 

This manual describes how to download and install Diasend and how to upload the glucose values and pump settings from the Omnipod, FreeStyle Libre, Accu-Chek from Roche or Dexcom to your personal Diabeter file. 

To link your data from Diasend to your Diabeter file, you need a clinic ID. You can request this from your own Diabeter treatment team.