Upload from Bayer USB-meter

Under Ther@pymail we tell you about how we can read from a distance the blood glucose levels from your glucose meter or insulin pump. This works through a USB-stick that is applied to the meter or pump. To be able to upload the levels from this, it is necessary to install a software program onto your computer. This is available at no cost:

During installation you will be asked to put a shortcut-button on your bureau-page. If you confirm this you make the download easier to use. The program is then installed and ready for use. You can now upload you blood sugar levels from the USB-stick. To start, press on the shortcut-button on your bureau-page.

Instructions for the use of the USB-meter

Uploading data from the USB-meter is very easy. These are the steps:

  1. Place the USB-stick into the computer.
  2. Start the program “MijnDiabetesDossier”, to read the meter.
  3. Follow the instructions *)
  4. Press “Send test results”
  5. After about three minutes you’ll receive an automatic report with a colour-coded overview of the blood sugar levels in the past three weeks, including the HbA1c last measured.

*) With this you are asked for the last four numbers of your patient number. This can be found on your appointment card and you can also find it in earlier emails from Diabeter. We also ask for the date of birth of the patient, for instance 31-03-2001. The patient number and the date of birth will be kept for the next time.

If you click the “clickbox” because you want to leave behind a message or a question we will look at your data and answer any question you might have as quickly as possible (from Monday till Friday from 8.30 till 17.00 hours). We make an effort of providing you with as many strips as the number of results that were sent.

If more family members have diabetes be sure to only use your own meter and also make sure before you sent your data that your patient number and birth date are correct. Each meter has its own unique number (the SN-code on the backside) we use to control the link and other data. Data are coded and are sent directly to Diabeter without going through any other channel. They do not carry any information that can be traced back to an individual. Diabeter does all that is possible to maintain its level of service, but cannot be held responsible for continuity or other usage problems. If problems arise, we fall back on the current level of care. You do not have to take any action with the data on the USB-meter. If a problem arises concerning your own server, you will see the code “foutcode 79”. Please report this through info@dabeter.nl.


Do you have any questions or do you encounter any trouble with uploading the blood sugar levels? Please mail our reception at receptie@diabeter.nl. One of our doctors’ assistants will get in touch with you.