CloudCare launched in UZ Brussels

12 December 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our Cloudcare healthcare model is now being implemented in the pediatric hospital of the University Hospital Brussels, further enhancing the future of diabetes care for children!

Continuous monitoing of glucose levels 

For several weeks, UZ Brussels has been integrating the technology of CloudCare for the care of children with type 1 diabetes. CloudCare is an application that, based on an algorithm, continuously collects and analyzes glucose data from diabetic patients. This entails continuous monitoring of glucose levels and weekly reports for a comprehensive understanding of its progression.

Optimizing treatment

Thanks to this groundbreaking approach, doctors can closely monitor the health of young patients remotely. They can now decide whether clinic visits should be less frequent or more frequent, optimizing the treatment to better suit the individual needs of the children.

More reassurance for parents and children

Parents experience a reassuring feeling, knowing that their children are monitored remotely between regular appointments. The continuous measurements enable healthcare providers to identify long-term trends in glucose regulation and intervene promptly when necessary.

UZ Brussels is the first center in Belgium to implement CloudCare, and we are exceptionally proud of this collaboration. We look forward to the future.

CloudCare launched in UZ Brussels