Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

How do I apply for getting care from Diabeter?

The general practitioner or the hospital can refer patients to Diabeter. General practitioners refer new patients directly to Diabeter more and more instead of to a hospital. Diabeter can also take over treatment of a patient who is already in care someplace else. The general practitioner or the paediatrician can write a refer-note for this. You can also come to get acquainted first. You don’t need to be referred for this. In thirty minutes, we will introduce ourselves and the way we work. This way you can decide for yourself if we can offer you the kind of treatment that fits your situation.

Diabeter treats patients with type I diabetes aged of all ages, both children and adults. 

If you want to get to know us or come for a first consultation you can call or mail to the office nearest to your home or use the contact form.

Do I have to pay a part of the costs?

No, we provide medical care insured by your health insurer. Diabeter has agreements with all big and smaller insurance companies. You will not receive a bill. Our care does however fall under the patients’ own risk which is part of the basic health insurance system in Holland. This own risk is applicable to adults from the age of eighteen.

What If I have an acute problem in the evening, night or weekend?

Through our emergency line a Diabeter medical specialist is available 24 hours per day for acute questions in emergency situations. If you call this number, it is important to have a number of things ready at hand. Which ones? See above or click here.

If the situation is life-threatening, always call 112 first.

What if hospitalization is needed?

We can be short about this. This hardly ever happens with us. Only 3% of our patients is admitted to hospital per year. This is because of the 24 hour availability of one of our medical specialist and our extensive education. This way we prevent problems at an early stage. For the 3% that does need to go to hospital we have good cooperation with good hospitals nearby.

What if tests are needed?

All tests are done at Diabeter and all results are quickly available (determining HbA1c level in six minutes). For specialized tests Diabeter has agreements with laboratories in Holland and abroad where blood can be sent to.