Medical specialist

Medical specialist

For consultation about a patient or about a referral you can contact our medical specialist at:

tel. 088-2807277 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Reasons for referring to Diabeter:

  • Continuously too high HbA1c (ISPAD 2007: set value < 58 mmol/l (7,5%) for children and < 7% for young adults.
  • Patients under five years of age
  • Strongly fluctuating blood sugars with no “grasp” and improvement
  • Unawareness of hypoglycemias
  • Treatment with insulin pump with or without continuous glucose sensor
  • Complications (for instance repeated micro albuminuria, hypertension, neuropathy, retinopathy and dyslipedimia)
  • Diabetes with suspicion of a different type than type I
  • Continuous blood glucose monitoring (CGM) for diagnoses or evaluation
  • Indexation for continuous glucose sensor.

Although the number of patients under care at Diabetes that have to be submitted to hospital is very small, we also guide the patients if they do have to be submitted. For complex situations or submissions that can be more or less planned, we prefer to do this in the IJsselland Ziekenhuis, where experience and expertise to deal with such submissions is at hand. In the Erasmus MC/Sophia Kinderziekenhuis and other hospitals we work with we provide the diabetes consultation, also in cases of secondary diabetes (cystic fibrosis, oncological treatments).

For the future of our patients research remains important. Diabeter plays a role in the national schooling for doctors in training to become doctors of internal medicine and paediatrician. We also play a supplementary role in the schooling tasks of the Erasmus MC.