Always have your glucose levels at hand.

At Diabeter, we can view your blood glucose levels from a distance. This means that we are able to give you personalized care very quickly (almost ‘real time’). You can easily upload your glucose levels from the glucose meter or the insulin pump through our own system. This way, you’ll receive a color-coded overview in your mail (ther@apiemail) within minutes, that shows you how your glucose levels were over the past few weeks. Red means your levels are high, blue stands for levels that are too low and green levels are good. You can see how you are doing at a glance. If the results lead to questions, you can let us know immediately. Your diabetes nurse will then get back to you within a working day. Of course you can also call us at our daily telephone office hours. Ther@piemail means that we keep an eye on how you’re doing together. It is a (unique!) part of our care that our patients value very much.